Thor's Hammer Marketing and Business Consulting



Our History

Thor's Hammer was founded in 2001 to address a need for specialized software development services in Huntsville, Alabama. After getting a start in software development targeted for mobile devices, we moved into the marketing services because of our clients' needs.

These marketing needs--branding, formulating a marketing message, web design, and more--are shared between nearly all startup companies. Once we worked with a few such clients we realized other common needs--business organization, business strategy, legal structure--and reorganized the company as a technical business consultancy with a focus on marketing planning and integration of technology into business processes.

After over 5 years of building success stories in Alabama, New York, Florida, and Texas, the company expanded into Canada with a presence in Toronto and clients across eastern Canada.

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Our Future

In 2009 the company will expand into Atlanta. For information on available positions there, review our employment page.


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